• Single Take Recording for bands and musicians

    The What, Why & How of Professional Mobile Recording with YouThere

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    Single Take Recording using refurbished retro gear.

    YouThere's record lathes, wire recorders & reel-to-reel tape machines can be used by professional musicians, hobbyists & explorers to document a special day in the studio.

    Learn more about the YouThere memory machines on the 'Gear' page & pick the right in-studio experience for you via "Pricing."


    If you're interested in inviting the YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth to your upcoming event, learn more at www.YouThere.com.

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    Performance Coaching inspired by live theater performance techniques.

    We'll be here to help you get the most out of your in-studio single-take recording.

    (No remembering shit from your past so you can cry on cue, we promise!)

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    Excellence (in life and in music) comes from getting out of your comfort zone.

    You'll leave YouThere Studio with a single take recording & the inspiration the comes from having a unique recording experience. Interested? Click here to get in touch or learn more about your options via "Pricing."

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    Do I have to be a professional?

    No way! Want to bring the YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth to your wedding, event, or party?

    Visit www.YouThere.com to learn how you and your guests can make a piece of audio art and feel like rockstars for the evening.

  • Our team

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    Sarah Beckham Hooff

    Performance Director

    Sarah has trotted around half the globe studying & experiencing human emotion as an academic, musician, & actor. As YouThere's Performance Director, she coaches bands & musicians to give their fullest performance in the room -- in one take. All the infos at www.sarahbeckhamhooff.com.

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    Aaron Latos

    Sound Director

    Aaron is an accomplished drum set player who has made it 10+ years playing music full time without a 'day job.' He joins YouThere as a sound technician & also uses his extensive experience in improvised music to support musicians recording in one take for the first time. More documentation of the the man bun at: www.aaronlatos.com.

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    Jenya Saprikina

    Design Guru

    Jenya Saprykina is a freelance illustrator and designer. For the last few years she has worked as a web designer, package designer and illustrator, and has also been employed to dress up as a huge plush bee. At YouThere, Jenya keeps the lathe operators in line and designs fabulous record labels. Jenya’s works on Behance: https://www.behance.net/Saprikina

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