• Presto 6N Record Lathe

    Circa 1942. The classic, workhorse record lathe used at Sun Studio. Also used to make many contemporary 'lathe cut' records and in the YouThere Vinyl Recording Booth!

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    Tascam 388

    8-Track Tape Machine

    Circa late 1980s.

    The sound of early The Black Keys & early 90s indie rock.

    Ampex 350 Reel-to-Reel Tape Machine

    Circa 1940.

    The sound of early Johnny Cash & Sun Studio.

    Webster-Chicago Wire Recorders

    A lost technology that briefly competed with tape in the 1940s. These machines record by magnetizing thin metal wire. See Woody Guthrie's 'Live Wire' record.



    Earthworks, AKG, C.A.D., Shure, Cascade, etc.

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